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Fast Track

Do you wish you could just get some straight-talk advice about your finances?  With our Fast Track real-time financial planning process, we jointly address your key questions and concerns in a time and cost-efficient manner.  Fast Track is a two-hour collaborative working session with additional time spent in preparation, analysis, and follow-up.  We focus on your most important financial issues, such as:

iconFinancial Goal Setting
iconDebt Repayment and Refinancing
iconSavings Plans
iconPortfolio Review and Rebalance
iconHome Buying
iconInsurance Needs and Suitability
iconEmployee Benefit Issues

If your financial situation is straightforward or if you have targeted financial questions, the Fast Track package can be an inexpensive way to access objective financial advice.  The process starts with a free, no-obligation phone conversation to determine if Fast Track will meet your needs. Next, you’ll complete a questionnaire regarding your overall financial situation and your specific areas of concern. We’ll then review your questionnaire and gather relevant information and tools for our session, which is usually held in person but may be conducted over Zoom or Skype. At the working meeting, we’ll prioritize your concerns and address them one-by-one.  After our meeting, we’ll synthesize the information, observations and craft recommendations into an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

The fee for the Fast Track package is $699.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Going into more depth than a Fast Track engagement, we'll move beyond a check-up to develop recommendations for your long-term goals like retirement, college planning, and investing.  We’ll conduct the necessary detailed research that goes along with each part of your plan to make sure your efforts are all working in a coordinated and efficient manner. We'll test your asset allocation, risk tolerance and timeline with powerful Monte Carlo simulation software to arrive at a probability of future success in achieving your goals. Our work together will include:

iconA series of confidential questionnaires for you to fill out in order to gather all relevant data.
iconA 90-minute interactive session, so I can fully understand your current situation and goals.
iconFrom there We’ll do the behind the scenes work to analyze your situation and then develop recommendations and an easy-to-follow report and instructions.
iconA 90-minute follow-up session to discuss our recommendations, and ensure you know exactly how to follow them.

The fee for Comprehensive Financial Planning usually ranges from $1,000-$3,600, depending on the complexity of your situation and the time required. We believe in transparent pricing and will provide you with a firm quote at the end of your complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting.

Hourly Financial Planning

You may have a specific question or concern and we’re happy to engage on an hourly basis to help. Any of our services can be contracted for $180 / hour.